***FABRIZIO's band Little Joy (also consisting of Rodrigo Amarante and Binki Shapiro) is mapping out plans to do another tour of the U.S., after just returning from Europe and Brazil earlier this year. the band will be touring without Fabrizio this time around, however, as he'll be busy with The Strokes and their aforementioned rehearsal sessions back in NYC. But Rodrigo and Binki will be soldiering forward with Little Joy while Fab takes care of his business back in NYC.... though you never can be sure when Fabrizio might make a "cameo appearance" on the road with the band.

'Fab Cameos' (Fameos?) in New York, he'll be here working.
Maybe LA too...

This day keeps getting better + better.

The Strokes. Excellent.

after a long and much needed hibernation period that saw many of the band's various other musical projects emerge, we're pleased to announce that The Strokes are now all back hard at work in their NYC space on writing and rehearsing new material for a 4th full-length album, the first since 2006's "First Impressions of Earth".

no recording studio time has been booked yet, as they sketch out the blue-prints of new songs and fine tune plans in their rehearsal space, but it will undoubtedly be all mapped out and etched in stone at some point in the not-too-distant future. i wish i could tell you that this DEFINITELY meant we can expect an album release date before the end of 2009, but it's just too soon to speculate on that for sure yet. one way or another.... suffice to say, the work has begun!




Meet Ruby Coast. Perfect Canadian indie. More Gibson guitar players.
Huge Tokyo Police Club influence, their songs are cohesive/ have slide transitions, group vocals, similar drum beats, even the lead singer sounds like Tokyo Police Club in Town To Province. (it shouldn't bother listeners, but it will kill rock crits). They're a whole lot less post-punk than the TPC though. A lot sweeter. It's because Dave Monks, the moppy haired lead singer of TPC, produced them. Nevertheless they've got a great 16 minute 6 track EP, hopefully they'll catch on; definitely check out their release Projectable Collections EP if you like Tokyo Police Club at all, or solid indie pop-rock in general. They're not to be missed!

Even if they are TPC's little brothers.

$50,000 Pyramid

“Thanks for passing the torch...I think I burned my hand, though.”
julian casablancas


photo: cobrasnake

New Unpopularized Culture gimick: iMixes
'123' - the first iMix Here!!

This is the best one I've made in awhile...been listening to it a lot!
Sweet Road
is a must have. Super accessible, cute and short AC.
Since they only last a year in the iTunes store, here's the track list:

1. Love is Colder than Death (EP) - The Virgins
2. Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby - Islands
3. Radio America - The Libertines
4. Fireworks - Animal Collective
5. I'm One of Those Girls - Born Ruffians
6. Up the Bracket - The Libertines
7. Adam & Steve - Megapuss
8. Sixties Remake - Tokyo Police Club
9. Pieces of What - MGMT
10. Devils Haircut - Beck
11. Sweet Road - Animal Collective
12. Brand New Start - Little Joy
13. Foxes Mate for Life - Born Ruffians

If U Seek Lowbrow Pop Culture

Ugh that 'If U Seek Amy' Brittney Spears video. Ugh.
My friends brought the video up today, & I'd never heard the song before.

In any event, who is writing her these singles that are based around a wordplay of 'fuck me'?!
What's Brit's demographic this time around? 12 year olds? Apparently some Spears-revival 17 year olds too. The video was nothing short of graphic and the lyrics are overtly obscene. The brow is low. Very low.

If you or someone you know has sought Amy, I suggest these detox songs:

Guys Eyes - Animal Collective
Click Click Click Click - Bishop Allen (adorable video!!)
Little Garรงon - Born Ruffians (attached a pro-taped live version)


Future Reflections

SXSW 2013
I will be (drinking) there.
& it will be my first/last time in Texas.
I better start saving up for the ticket now.
Will you be sticking with me when the money's gone?

'White Sky' on Jimmy

Patagonia jacket!! (Ezra is wearing one! haha)
I've seen them play this song live a few times -
this is unparalleled for the quietest and most serious version.
Have they done a lot of taped TV performances? Besides SNL?
They seem nervous.
Ezra at the end is like..
"Jimmy, everyone already has the record. Don't touch me."

At least we have a 4th quarter record coming!
Maybe they could get it out if they stopped touring for once.

They need to get in the studio.
Good chance they'll avoid most of the backlash since they're not rushing it but there's going to be some. A lot of their fans are loyal though.

Late Night Vampires

The Vamps on Jimmy Tonight !
They're playing 'White Sky'
12:37 am, NY time.

( Don't they look so 'first day of school' in this picture? )

'White Sky' @ Terminal 5, I was there!

S ubcul t u/r a l P_ict ur e

New unpopularized culture gimmick:

p.s. I have Born Ruffians tickets! Roseland Ballroom with Franz.


Three sad semesters, it was only fifteen grand.
Spent in bed I thought about the army
I dropped out and joined a band instead.

Happy almost 10th birthday "I've been thinking a lot today" !! The most iconic song of the past decade? By your favorite late 90s/early 00s child predator-esque piano playing guy?


The Virgins on J. Fallon Last Night

My formal review tone article for the school paper!

Local New York indie rockers The Virgins have exploded onto the subcultural scene recently, propelled by their self-titled debut, a spot on the Gossip Girl soundtrack and an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The group has built a huge internet following as well. Frequently described by the bloghouse as ‘the feel good’ Next Big Thing, The Virgins have a more approachable aura, as opposed to their contemporary, fortunate predecessors - Ivy Leaguer pop quartet Vampire Weekend and trust-funded post-2000 rock revival act The Strokes. Critically, their LP is pretty good, but nothing revolutionary, falling short of the positive blog buzz. Stylistically, they're kind of like the Von Bondies in a sense that their album is uncohesive - they have yet to truly define their sound. The Virgins use the album to try out different styles ranging from the Smash Mouth-esque album opener ‘She’s Expensive’ to the Coldplay meets State Radio’s ska riffs in the catchy love-and-death tune ‘Fernando Pando’.

Despite the spread of critical approval for the debut, the album is a grower, so those who are unsure of it at first will eventually be won over. A great band for a wide range of audiences, The Virgins land somewhere in between, delivering a solid four out of five star album that’s trendy enough for New York hipsters, but accessible for the mainstream audiences as well.

Hedonistic Me



Supporting Franz all ages.
This is huge.

Luke's Doing Other Things

I've been meaning to write about this for a few weeks. Luke's doing a 5 song indie compilation with Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club), Will Currie (Will Currie and the Country French), Dean Marino (Tin Star Orphans, EX~PO) and Jay Sadlowski.

Last month they got together at Chemical Sound in Toronto to record and write songs for their EP, NOVELS. The person who wrote this story on Panic Manual is also filming a documentary on the recording process.

Here's a bit from the article:

There isn’t much news to report since everything being done is leading up to a spring release of the forthcoming EP. The group has only recently settled on an official name for the project; NOVELS. Work is being done on mastering the 5 recorded tracks, and a website and documentary (this is where I come in) of the entire event are in development. Stay tuned…

NOVELS media Contact: Marshall Angus: marshall (at)

Baltic Chillout

Really cool video of a song called Remind Me by Royksopp, a Norwegian indie chill band.

Also, if you don't know about The Whitest Boy Alive (I think they're German)
Please educate yourself, they're another chillout group. Progressive. Or, was progressive when they first came out, I've been listening to them for a few years.

This is Golden Cage from their LP, probably a top track on iTunes and another cool video.

Well, contrary to the time on this post it's 1:16am, that's all for now.

P.S. what do you think of UPOP 2.0? eg Breaking up my lengthy posts with little lyric/pic things, new layout, new sidebar...n e 1 miss David K? If you have the slightest idea what I'm talking about, a big THANK YOU! for reading through and keeping up with me. The Bloghouse <3's u & what comes around goes around.



"What's the day?" "What are you doing?"
"How's your mood?" "How's that song?"
Man it passes right by me, it's behind me, now it's gone

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A List of Everything Ever

Tom Chapin, CT - 1998
Backstreet Boys, NYC- 2000
Pink/N*SYNC, NYC-2000
John Mayer, NYC- February 2007
John Mayer, Toronto- April 2007
NERD/Lupe Fiasco/Rihanna/Kanye West, NYC- May 2008
Born Ruffians/Kid Sister/Vampire Weekend, NYC - June 2008
The National/Modest Mouse/REM, NYC, June 2008
Albert Hammond Jr, NYC, July 2008
Rogers Picnic, Toronto, July 2008-
The Carps/Born Ruffians/Dizzee Rascal/Chromeo/Animal Collective/Vampire Weekend/Tokyo Police Club/Cat Power/City and Colour

The Postelles, NYC - August 2008
Born Ruffians, Brooklyn - October 2008
Little Joy, NYC - November 2008
Vampire Weekend, NYC - December 2008
Harlem Shakes/Born Ruffians/Tokyo Police Club - February 2009

Don't think I left anything out, but it's possible.