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Tokyo Police Club. Good music. KUTE. Canadian. Win-Win-Win situation. I remember I was going to see them sometime last year (maybe it was the beginning of this year) and I was like, "oh, I know them, Their English is Good" because I had downloaded the single when it came out in 2007. Ended up seeing them at Rogers Picnic anyway.

Since I have acquired the rest of their catalog, which includes 2 short EPs - A Lesson in Crime and Smith. Get both of these and BLAST them when you are alone. The band took some heat for the length, but I like short songs/albums/EPs.

Their first LP Elephant Shell is really good. Super cohesive. Like the most cohesive album I've ever heard. That I can remember. And I'm a sucker for cohesiveness. . . I'm not being sarcastic , the album is a 28 minute song. The album has a central theme of youth/growing up/aging/dying - circle of life kinda deal.

If you download singles, don't bother with Tessellate. For some reason the general consensus is negative, even though it's not a bad song per say. Personally I don't think it's a good representation of the band/album.

Tracks of Note:
1. Centennial. The album opener, good arrangement, cute meaning.
2. Juno
3. Sixties Remake
4. Nursery, Academy. This is a well crafted song. There is the best 1 second cold open I've ever heard that doubles as an innitial hook, making it very a likable song.
5. The Baskervilles. Album closer, I just like this one for some reason.

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Don't Leave 2008 Without...

Italics are albums. Feel free to add Dear Science. TVOTR made everyone's #1.

Lisa- Albert Hammond Jr
Piecing it Together-Born Ruffians
Red, Yellow & Blue- Born Ruffians
White Winter Hymnal- Fleet Foxes
Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon
Little Joy-Little Joy
The Postelles EP-The Postelles
Lolita-Throw Me the Statue
Elephant Shell-Tokyo Police Club
Vampire Weekend-Vampire Weekend
A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation-The Wombats

Last Night: Vampire Weekend !

Vampire Weekend at Terminal 5 last night was honestly the best gig I've been to in awhile. It was so fun. They played all of the songs off of the first album along with Ottoman, since they had a string section for a few songs to back them and three new songs they promised to record early next year. (NME also had a piece stating this a few weeks ago)

The encore was a cover of my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, Everywhere (not kidding/you can download it here) and Walcott.

They did help me realized that I am afraid of crowd surfers though. Thankfully and un-thankfully I was surrounded in by a bunch of tall skinny guys who a) pushed the the crowd surfers down to the floor and b) obstructed my view even though I was only about 3 rows of people back on the right.

Call and Response: blake's got a new face !

vent / am i a stalker?

I'm so mad.
I'm so mad.
I'm so f'cking mad,
and I can't decide if I should be.

I feel like a Born Ruffians stalker. Seriously. I haven't even listened to any of their stuff recently. They were in my dream a few nights ago...and then I was catching up on Nirvana the Band the Show, these ridiculously funny Canadian webisodes about these two guys trying to get gigs in Toronto. I've been watching them since the summer. And The Born Ruffians happened to be on the two episodes I didn't see. Seriously's the weirdest coincidence ever.

Oh, oh. So today I get an e-mail from Bowery Presents with all the new gigs for the major linked New York venues. And Tokyo Police Club's playing a set in February with. Born. Ruffians. The gig's not even posted on their own myspace. It's 18+ and TPC sells out places pretty damn quick. I will be going to the Mercury Lounge box office shortly.

But maybe I shouldn't be so quick to deem myself a stalker. The culminating events of the past few days were nothing short of mutually exclusive. Meaning I had no control of the occurrences. Right? Right?! Console me...I wanna be a fan, not a fanatic.

p.s. Kurt Vonnegut (youtube below) came up in discussion in English today. The author, of course.
WHAT IS GOING ON?! This is all too weird.