Last Night: Vampire Weekend !

Vampire Weekend at Terminal 5 last night was honestly the best gig I've been to in awhile. It was so fun. They played all of the songs off of the first album along with Ottoman, since they had a string section for a few songs to back them and three new songs they promised to record early next year. (NME also had a piece stating this a few weeks ago)

The encore was a cover of my favorite Fleetwood Mac song, Everywhere (not kidding/you can download it here) and Walcott.

They did help me realized that I am afraid of crowd surfers though. Thankfully and un-thankfully I was surrounded in by a bunch of tall skinny guys who a) pushed the the crowd surfers down to the floor and b) obstructed my view even though I was only about 3 rows of people back on the right.

Call and Response: blake's got a new face !

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