Foiled Again

It's been awhile since another one of my favorite bands Vampire Weekend took the stage for a free concert in Central Park on June 14. If anyone was there, you may recall there were torrential thunderstorms minutes into the first act (Born Ruffians).
So I missed out on hearing VW live, since my friend and I weren't even in the Summerstage area, we were outside on the wood chips. All we could see was the top of the banner that's on the top of the stage.
We booked it to the subway, getting soaked. Then it was fah-reezhing on the train.

So how am I going to see my favorite Vampires? Well, I'm jetting off to Toronto on July 20th for Roger's Picnic. There are 9 bands- I'm looking forward to Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians and of course Vampire Weekend. It's outside and rain or shine, so I seriously hope it doesn't get rained on.

Call me crazy, but I'd do anything for a good gig.

I Love the Oxford Comma video! It's a single shot. Impressive.

I Love Albert Hammond Jr.

Solo albums. PSH! Who cares? I do. Look at this guy. He has cool hair and a leather jacket. Sure, he probably already has a black lung. Maybe two. But I have been snapping up all of the information I can get about his second solo album, Como Te Llama. It's coming out July 8th.

The single GfC is pretty good. Personally, I enjoy scratchy indie.
But, uh, most top 40s have been attacked by rap and pop. And Jonas Brothers.

Now the only problem I have is the potential of the concert (At Hiro? At Bowery? At Hammerstein?) being 18+. I would be so sad! More than sad. It would suck a lot. All of the other band members from Ze Strokes would probably be at the concert too. Anyway, they haven't released the tour dates yet even though his myspace says that 'there is touring being penciled in for the summer until the end of the year'. Hope for the best? Well, when he finishes up the tour maybe The Strokes will be back at it for the fourth album; as hinted by Nikolai on the band's website. That'll be nice.

Albert's Myspace


Life's Just an Electric Zoo

We did speeches in English...someone did theirs about airplanes and being in an airport after the liquid bomb threat. They said how much they liked airports. Everyone started laughing but I couldn't help but agree. They're an amazing display of extreme (federal) paranoia; distrust in the human race/darkness of humanity while still showcasing vast advances in technology. Look! There's Spongebob on an airplane tying this post together.

(Ir?) relevant Electric Zoo audio clip. Just listen