The Peace Cult

Is it just me or does peace seem to be a trendy thing to endorse now? I mean, people everywhere are just so peace full. But it's topical. I will explain. I copied this bumper sticker off of someone's facebook profile that is listed as "very conservative." I think it's ironic. Or maybe I just think this because of peace would signal the end of the war. And people just do it for pictures or whatever without thinking what it actually means. Like stimulus response.

<-- feel free to copy and pacify your favorite HTML field. Sometimes the symbol turns into a question mark, appropriately, the peace wave is basically a trend.

peace yall. stay true 2 urselvz.

Ice Breaker Games

A blog about things that are cool.
Music..movies..culture basically and some other stuff.
Namesake: Favorite band The Strokes, but not my favorite song.

'well yes, oh but that's it.'


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Unpopularized Culture is a New York City based indie music blog that also comments on other elements of sub/culture.
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I started this page in May of 2008, when I had free time, few troubles and a love for unknown music and culture. Where it would end up was a mystery at the time.

But lo and behold, here we are today, even though only my love for indie elements of culture remains from the aforementioned list.

Thank you a hundred times over for visiting!