famous people are just more interesting.

Almost Famous!
One of the greatest & most entertaining films about the industry.
Early-00s Patrick Fugit (playing William Miller): cutest thing ever.
J. Fallon with a beard/70s costuming: priceless.

Radio PHX

Phoenix did a radio show on KCRW in LA this morning.
There was a live video, hopefully it will resurface.
Enjoy the French accent! They seem like really nice guys.

June 29 Lists pt. I: Studio

This is a late-night FYI post (it's 2:37am in New York)
of who's in the recording studio or writing a new album,
as long as they've been written about on this page.


Upcoming Release/Mixing:


June 29 Lists pt. II: Playlist

Quarter 2 (April, May, June) is coming to a close.
It's the start of summer!
This can only mean..


This Charming Man- The Smiths
Too Young- Phoenix
The New Pollution- Beck
I'm One of Those Girls- Born Ruffians
Strictly Game- Harlem Shakes
Town to Province- Ruby Coast
Last Nite- The Strokes

(Hate to do it, but the end of Town is the biggest knockoff EVER of Nite's opening riff)

She's Expensive- The Virgins
Ponytail- Panda Bear
River- Akron/Family
Grass- Animal Collective

This Will Be a Better Year

Official video for Strictly Game by Harlem Shakes!
Takin' a stab at Youtube culture. Very innovative.

MJ+Cardiac Arrest

RIP Michael Jackson.
A legend, great innovator and entertainer.
Although he spiraled downward later in life, he and his music will never be forgotten.

Last Night: PHOENIX !!


Going to keep this personal & short:
  • We were up against the front barrier. Four feet from the stage.
  • Opening act Amazing Baby was ironically terrible.
  • During the Phoenix set Thomas Mars (lead vocals) jumped into the crowd to dance with us
  • He invited everyone on the stage but the security guys wouldn't let us go ("THE STAGE IS YOUR'S! THE STAGE IS YOUR'S! COME ON! LET THEM UP!")
  • I caught a drumstick! I was with 3 friends, we're doing a 'sisterhood of the traveling drumstick.'
  • My friend and I touched Thomas when he came in front of us in the press pit to get into the crowd (haha..everyone was going nuts)
  • During Love Like a Sunset Pt. 1 instrumental Thomas laid down leaning on a monitor like a pillow. Pictures below:

My love for this band has tripled. Easily the best show I've ever been to.
They played Letterman last night+were four feet in front of me a few hours ago.

Very much looking forward to the next one..see them play if you can!!

Blog Club

Toronto's Tokyo Police Club are recording a follow up to their first LP Elephant Shell in Hoboken (no jokin'). Pretty exciting!

They've got a new blog + update it quite a bit.

backstreet's back (alright...)

I found a dust covered Backstreet Boys CD earlier!
Today was a good day.

It was Black & Blue from 2000, their 'edgy' release.

The other albums are on tapes, hopefully those will turn up soon.
I used to read the Harry Potter books while listening to them ..."Quit Playing Games with My Heart" brings back fond memories of three-headed dogs.

& I'm pretty sure that's why I didn't understand the HP plot at all.

p.s. indielines.blogspot.com

Across the Pond

Everyone should watch this film;
it translated beautifully from stage to screen.

Plenty of subtle British humor, fun UK colloquialisms and blazers.
What's not to like?

A Virgin Megastory

I went to the Virgin Megastore on 14th Street yesterday. It's closing on Sunday.
There were a lot of gross bargain-hunters. (welcome to New York...)

Paid $13.01 for FOUR cds.
(Mt. St Hellen's Vietnam Band, Razorlight, White Lies + The Present)

Now, for Virgin Megamoments:
A look back at the memorable times had in the Virgin Megastore.

2 / 5th of The Strokes inches away.
& Now it's all gone.

Albert Hammond Jr.

Fab from Little Joy

RIP VM! It was fun while it lasted.
Even though you went out in a kinda depressing way.



set em wild, set em wild

Everyone should get the new-ish Akron/Family release Set Em Wild, Set Em Free. It's a beautiful experimental indie-rock album. Very interesting music, there's a wide range of style on this record that just..works. And it has the best cover art ever. (Dunno, I'm not a nationalist or anything but there's something inherently appealing about it)


This is a Flight of the Conchords shirt.
FOTC is a hilarious show.
So I want this. A lot.
That is all.


Did anyone see V-For-Vendetta?
It was realist-scary.
Real scary.

Remember the time Natalie Portman shaved her head in that same movie?
Remember how it kinda started a cult around her baldness?

Band names were apparently no exception.

Pictured above, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head,
(aka NPSH) an electro-pop/rock outfit from Seattle.

They sound like Hail Social & The Virgins, with a little bit of Lonely Island-esque joking lyrics mixed into some of the tracks. They're on a big big big mostly 18/21+ summer tour right now. If you can stand the hipsters, check them out!



A couple of cool things are going on at Warp Records.

Example..the Grizzly Bear Two Weeks video.
It's pretty weird, but there's no plot or story, so it doesn't really ruin the song.

Also, Born Ruffians are hard at work in Toronto on the new album.
Mitch the bassist is taking pictures+keeping up a recording blog on their website.

Sorry I stole your photos.

Luke & a list.

After a long touring absence,
Steve the drummer is back in action!

Grizzly Bear's new album is out now, and with any luck Born Ruffians should release quarter ONE 2010...

Coldplay fans, eat your hearts out.

If you're under the impression that a 'thank you' note was a sufficient gesture, think again. For an exchange of an e-mail address Coldplay is giving away their nine-track LP Left Right Left Right Left for FREE on their website to thank their fans.

Anytime Coldplay, anytime.


We'll feel sublime.

Am I really all the things that are outside of me?
Would I complete myself without the things I like around?
Does the music that I make play on my awkward face?
Do you appreciate the subtleties of taste buds?

My friend and me were having laughs
In a living room filled with arts and crafts
He said "I like their clothes and their charming ways,
But what I really want is a simple place,
With no fashion clothes 'cause you can eat those"

Only Ma'd pretend to like the clothes you showed to me,
Something in my heart can tell me it's a weakness,
And maybe you will have more luck playing those tasty games,
But me, I called and called and never heard from her again.

She's too good to share our favorite things,
I'll keep an open mind if you let me in.
Don't let your temper rise, don't get a bitter face.
Try not to judge me on my kind of taste.
And don't go changing clothes when they don't like yours.

Am I really all the things that are outside of me?

daily Dose / everyone...

everyone watch Late Night with Conan tonight!
11:30 pm
Gold Coast time

It's only the fourth time the Tonight Show has changed hands.
This is a big TV event! He was great on Late Night and could sure use the plug for the earlier set.

everyone buy Nylon June/July 2009!
music issue!! <333
Look for 8 Legs + White Lies.
Circle gets the square. (ie. Karen O. got the cover)
yeah yeah yeah...

everyone watch Nirvana the Band the Show!
From Toronto. They're hilarious! New episode tomorrow.


everyone listen:
Animal Collective

buy Sung Tongs.
buy Strawberry Jam.
buy Merriweather Post Pavillion.
this band trains you to listen to anything.
It doesn't get weirder or better than this!