A Virgin Megastory

I went to the Virgin Megastore on 14th Street yesterday. It's closing on Sunday.
There were a lot of gross bargain-hunters. (welcome to New York...)

Paid $13.01 for FOUR cds.
(Mt. St Hellen's Vietnam Band, Razorlight, White Lies + The Present)

Now, for Virgin Megamoments:
A look back at the memorable times had in the Virgin Megastore.

2 / 5th of The Strokes inches away.
& Now it's all gone.

Albert Hammond Jr.

Fab from Little Joy

RIP VM! It was fun while it lasted.
Even though you went out in a kinda depressing way.

1 comment:

parkereloise said...

awwhs this is so sad!
the virgin megastore by me closed too
it wasnt as big a deal as this
but it was also depressing
i feel your pain.
but 13 dollars for four cds! suaweet