1:00am [unpopcult] Mix!!

In hopes of holding onto the last bits of summer, I've decided to stay up really late and play with the random 25 smart playlists on my iTunes! Here's my first one (of many). I messed with it quite a bit to get it close to something I would put together and not something that was randomized. Haha...

Lisa- Albert Hammond Jr.
Call an Ambulance- Albert Hammond Jr.
I Am The Walrus- The Beatles
Strawberry Fields Forever- The Beatles
Jamming-Bob Marley
Barnacle Goose-Born Ruffians
Kurt Vonnegut-Born Ruffians
Just What I Needed-The Cars
Rock The Casbah-The Clash
Bold as Love-John Mayer
Genius-Kings of Leon
Modern World-Modern Lovers
Gouge Away-The Pixies
123 Stop-The Postelles
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi-Radiohead
21st Century-RHCP
Love Underground-Robbers on High Street
Girl Sailor-The Shins
Razorblade-The Strokes
Barley Legal-The Strokes
Ladies of Cambridge-Vampire Weekend
Campus-Vampire Weekend
Figures-The Whitest Boy Alive
School Uniforms-The Wombats

Some old, mostly new. Got the classic rockers- Beatles, Clash, and Cars and a John Mayer Hendrix cover. I used to be a freaking huge John Mayer fan (post first album). So I'm really paying homage to my music tastes; past and present.

Cultural Offerings; August 16, 2008

I saw an cool indie movie today: American Teen. It's basically just a documentary about these kids in their senior year of high school in Nowhere (aka Warsaw), Indiana. But seriously, I was sitting in the theater, jaw dropped at these kids and their incredible dysfunction. All of the kids they followed gravitated towards other people who would just hurt them. The movie subliminally bashed the clique scene, but there were no 'American teens' in the theater to make an impression on...

A Helping of Indie Brit Pop

Recently I've been browsing the indie back roads of band myspaces. Lucky for me (and you), I've come across a band called The Wombats. So I downloaded their LP:
"A Guide to Love, Loss & Desperation."

Warning: The songs are tragically catchy.

I have yet to listen to the full album but so far what I've heard in terms of a hybrid of some of my favorite bands is:

→"if Bloc Party sounded friendly" vocals
→Born Ruffian riffs, back up and repetition
→The Postelles' rhymed but not annoying lyrics and guitar progressions

Like what you read? They're on a [MEGATOUR] right now! Check them out if you can.

The Wombats Myspace