For all of you Strokes buffs, here's a version of You Only Live Once, with some "rare" lyrics. (it's actually just a mix between the final album cut and the softer piano-accompanied demo, I'll Try Anything Once)

As always,
you can visit zamzar.com for a FLV (youtube format) to MP3 conversion.

In other Strokes news, Ripcord News (formerly isthisitx.com) predicted a mid 2010 release, but it's possible that the date would actually be earlier. It's hard to know, but Julian, the frontman, told Rolling Stone that there are already three songs written that sound like a blend of of 70s and futuristic styles. Thin Lizzy and Elvis Costello were cited. That's the gist, read the NME article here.



Seen/Heard: a new upop gimmick regarding music news.

1. Graham Wright's 'The Lakes of Alberta'
The keyboardist of Tokyo Police Club released an EP for free last year. I finally downloaded it and quite enjoyed it. Not like Tokyo Police Club at all. Almost the opposite. It's kind of like a poppier sounding Conor Oberst playing at a campfire. Maybe. See for yourself...
free download here. (do it! what have you got to loose?)

2. Discovery
Another keyboardist side project - Vampire Weekend's Rostam with Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles together for some synth in a band called Discovery. The group disappeared for awhile and remains rather mysterious, but an EP will be released this year.

3. Wizard Taze. Wait, what?
Yes, it's true. A completely chill/naked wizard (below) was tazed at Coachella. "[Coachella City] cops, they ain't too smart.." Poor wizzy.
I. Just. Can't. Embed. Too. Awkard.
Click. To. Watch.

4. Tinted Windows, supergroup.
Taylor Hanson is now a cute/mild rockstar, playing with members of Smashing Pumpkins, Fountains of Wayne and Cheap Trick in a band called Tinted Windows. How? When? Last time I looked he was playing the keys in Hanson and had longer hair than a Barbie. Anyway Tinted Windows seems like a name band thing only, they're surpristingly generic.

Go Vampy

2008 indie champs Vampire Weekend are currently taking time off from their extensive touring schedule to record their sophomore LP in Brooklyn. "It's definitely going to be a recognizably Vampire Weekend sound, but there are going to be new sounds. We're trying to challenge ourselves not to use the same bag of tricks that we used on the first album-- different instruments, stuff like that," frontman Ezra tells Entertainment Weekly.

As of now the band is hoping for a September release.
Full EW story here!

CYO Adventure

I'm on a bit of a blog hiatus.

So in the meantime, here's a little choose-your-own myspace adventure!

Are you into..

Strokes rhythm guitar, loud + garage-y sound, Von Bondies lazy vocals?

track: "Lemon Tree" --> myspace.com/???

Cutest riffs and lyrics, fresh-faced indie, Toronto, general loveability?

track: "Dear oh My" --> myspace.com/???

Buzz-band status, 13 year old drummers, group vocal, rad guitar?

track: "Who's Asking" --> myspace.com/???

A Little More Phoenix

Your favorite fluent English speaking Parisian band is back!
Here are the dates for their N. American early summer tour:

6.12 Manchester, TN – Bonnaroo

6.13 Chicago, IL – Park West
6.15 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theater
6.16 Montreal, Canada – Les Saints
6.17 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
6.19 NYC, NY – Terminal 5
6.21 Washington, D.C. – Rock and Roll Hotel
6.23 Minneapolis, MN - Varsity Theater
6.25 Denver, CO – Bluebird
6.27 San Francisco, CA – Regency Center, Grand Ballroom
6.28 Los Angeles, CA – Wiltern

remember when you used to be a rascal?


Fluorescent Adolescent
is my favorite
oldie-but-goody indie single
of the moment.

So! Here's an acoustic version of said song,
live from a midwestern NPR.

YAY...click here for some Arctic action!


Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band recently released their new single Nikorette and are giving it away for free on their website. I don't know much about the MVB sound, but the single defintley has some country influence, probably because they recorded their album, 'Outer South' in Texas.
Release date for the material is May 5.

Nikorette - MP3

Saturday Night Phoenix

Phoenix was great last night on SNL. Lots of positive response, good chance a lot of new fans as well. Their fourth studio album 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' drops May 26th + based on the single (1901, below) the album should be pretty good. We'll see. The band's going through Europe currently, and talk of some North American summer shows has been tossed around recently.

Watch as Thomas Mars (lead singer) goes TOTALLY NUTS ROCKSTAR at the end, leaving a tipped over mic stand in his wake.

Personal observations:
Beatles boots.
Lead singer- a mix of Paul Dano and David Kross
Guitar- Young French hipster Jim Carrey
Keyboard- JOAQUIN! and Devandra

Shake + Bake

iTunes/ Playlists / Recently Added:

New York City's Harlem Shakes recently put out an awesome debut LP - Technicolor Health. Perfectly inventive and ecclectic tunes without being unaccessible. Love these guys. Think of them as a mix of the group vocals and catchy upbeat riffs of Ruby Coast, a jazz band, a tiny bit of 90s arcade game synth backtrack & lyrics that Bob Dylan might write and then weeze.
(And that's just the album opener)
It's hard to define these guys, but they sound great. You've just got to listen for yourself. Don't forget to check out their EP Burning Birthdays-EP, where Lexy, the lead singer, subtly sounds like Paul McCartney. The Harlem Shakes' catalog is a great one to have, they play a rad live show as well.


& Other Music For...

Old New York feat. 1901
from the new Phoenix EP

Qs to Consider

Born Ruffians unreleased

Some great riffs in there...nice hooks, Ruffs.
Sounds like Toy Story and a little John Mayer (eclectic imagery)

Did Luke say, "we've never done that one before" at the end?
Ever heard a hook that's so good it makes your stomach hurt?