Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band recently released their new single Nikorette and are giving it away for free on their website. I don't know much about the MVB sound, but the single defintley has some country influence, probably because they recorded their album, 'Outer South' in Texas.
Release date for the material is May 5.

Nikorette - MP3

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parkereloise said...

haha holy shit i love nikorette!
it is lke my favorite song ! haha
i cant fucking wait for the new album
i think its hilarious that CO is wearing a blindfold
on the cover. and btw i had a heart attack when i saw this post. seriously. omg. im so bummed CO is not coming to NYC. fuckeR! one angry email to the mystic valley band later... still no new tour dates =(
i realllly hope that they announce some more!
loove him, despite his new facial hair.