Impulse Buy

I really, really, really need some more iTunes money now. Just got 3 free songs from getting Vampire Weekend tickets on ticketmaster, so that's a start.

So who are the quirky bros over there? They're my impulse buy, as well as the London indie band Bombay Bicycle Club! Sure, they look like the Harry Potter characters had kids with Kurt Cobain, but the music is super catchy, especially their sorta new single Evening/Morning.

Here's the video of the single. Kanye-ish, yes, but download the song.
Listen for the Albert Hammond Jr. Rocket (song) bass line.
Too bad they won't cross the pond to play in New York.
BBC Myspace

Fall and Winter Gig Lineup

As of right now, I've put 3 concerts on the calendar.

The Postelles @ the Rugby Store (Union Square-ish), September 19, 7pm.
I don't know if I'm going to go to this one or the 16+ Highline Ballroom show on October 2nd. I'd like to see them again though.

Born Ruffians @ Sound Fix in Brooklyn, October 28, 7-8pm.

I am so glad they put in an all ages show before they play Union Hall (Brooklyn) 21+ right after. Since Roger's Picnic and Summerstage, I've been listening to The BR nonstop! One of my favorite bands.

Vampire Weekend @ Terminal 5, December 4, 8pm.
Yay! I'm going with my friend that missed out on VW the first time at Summerstage because of the rain. It's going to be so much fun...but packed. It's GA floor and they sold out the December 3rd show.

VMAs and MVAs (my video awards)

The MTV Video Music Awards Sucked! The best part of the whole thing was when 1000s upon 1000s of crazed Jonas Brother fans clad in neon American Appy v-necks rushed the stage on the backlot for some intense song about love and bugs. That was almost as funny as the acting on last night's finale of Secret Life (of the American Teenager) . Watch this. It's hilarious..I love it. Shawn Johnson! And then forward to an officer with the best name ever at 8:57.

You know who should have won a VMA? Kanye. I'm not really into the rap scene but I did see Kanye with Rhianna, Lupe Fiasco and NERD at MSG on May 13, 2008. I had a headache for days. That never happens. I don't get headaches.

Anyway all the embeded HTML thingies are disabled for the Kanye Vid.
Watch it here.
Do you realize that you are champion in their eyes?



I've come across a few more good bands this past week. One being a random German indie called Bodhi Trees. I found them via what I call 'indieclick'. In reality, this is an ad site or something, but I think when bands go FREE EP FREE EP FREE EP all down another's bands myspace, it's an indieclick if someone clicks on it to listen. But for indie bands only!

So Bodhi Trees. They're totally unknown and I'm not sure if the music is in German or English most of the time. But the catchy 5 song (free) EP clocks in at about 22 minutes and is definitely worth a listen. I hear another band in 'Captured in Isolation', but I'm just not sure who to tag them with.

The Ting Tings are the other band I finally gave into for no real reason. I downloaded 'We Started Nothing', their new LP from June of this year. The thing is loaded with singles. But the other songs are just as good. If you like British rock pop more on the mainsteam side of the spectrum (thank you iTunes commercial with their music) then just go for the whole album.
Ting Tings Myspace

Understanding the Quarter Hour

I was browsing The Strokes' forums the other day when a post came up about the underlying theme of 15 Minutes/the album First Impressions of Earth. Now, 15 happens to be among my least favorite Strokes songs, but it was interesting.

The poster suggested that it was a reference to Andy Warhol's famous quote: "In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

Being the Andy Fan that I am, realizing that this was probably true was awesome.

So anyway, poor Strokes and their backlash. But they had their 15 minutes for sure.

"This whole life, is it a dream? <--unreal amount of hype
I can't tell. I got up, <--next 2 lines: actual 15 minutes of fame
Then I waved,
Then I fell." <--Backlash

This part of the song is actually in the quicker, non-folksy part and the lines are very blunt sounding, paralleling how fast the whole hype to backlash process was.
I couldn't find a sound clip >:(
But there are cues to this theme throughout

<3 lyrics analysis <3