I've come across a few more good bands this past week. One being a random German indie called Bodhi Trees. I found them via what I call 'indieclick'. In reality, this is an ad site or something, but I think when bands go FREE EP FREE EP FREE EP all down another's bands myspace, it's an indieclick if someone clicks on it to listen. But for indie bands only!

So Bodhi Trees. They're totally unknown and I'm not sure if the music is in German or English most of the time. But the catchy 5 song (free) EP clocks in at about 22 minutes and is definitely worth a listen. I hear another band in 'Captured in Isolation', but I'm just not sure who to tag them with.

The Ting Tings are the other band I finally gave into for no real reason. I downloaded 'We Started Nothing', their new LP from June of this year. The thing is loaded with singles. But the other songs are just as good. If you like British rock pop more on the mainsteam side of the spectrum (thank you iTunes commercial with their music) then just go for the whole album.
Ting Tings Myspace

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