Cultural Offering; November 28, 2008

Three posts in one day. But I found a website that whoever reads this (which is possible nobody) might find some kind of artistic/aesthetic/nostalgic value in. And I'm probably going to forget it sooner than later myself.

Being the culture and photography fan that I am, (I use 35mm, various Lomography cameras, digital and instant) Square America . com was really cool to find.

Basically it's a collection of mostly square color and b/w photographs taken in the mid 20th century. I've gone through a lot of the database, and this is one of my favorites:

Working Backwards

The Strokes are beginning to come back into the music world/my life. And I'm starting to think about them again. I've had but 3.5 music obsessions in my whole life. These being The Backstreet Boys, John Mayer, The Strokes (including side projects) and Born Ruffians (.5 - summerstage until now) Obviously there have been others but the aforementioned are ones that I've really loved, can name each member, ect. So I guess I'm working backwards with my favorites.

I found this NME special issue. The article about them was very good. And Vampire Weekend was featured too- they're going back into the studio early next year, just like The Strokes are.

Fab and Nikolai talk about 10 iconic Strokes tracks below..apparently Is This It was conjured from drunken recording sessions. I can't believe it!!

All Hail Social !

I don't understand the tag cloud. Things that are big shouldn't be.

I found a new band. They are called Hail Social. I think they are MGMT's slightly less fashionable cousins. I like the lead singer (first from left) because he looks like Casey Affleck. I love him! Met him twice/at movie premiers/but that's beside the point/nobody actually cares/but I do/he's still my favorite actor.

Their music Psh I gotta stop blogging until I can get some, you know, mp3 dollars.

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Here's Heaven. I kinda lol'd when I saw MGMT was a related video.

C-C-Can't REst Until I

i need itunes money
i refuse to steal music
i am better than a fucking pirate! arr!

Ooh well. Doesn't matter so soon to come into an obscene amount of iTunes money since I can't stop listening to Little Joy. It's almost been a week since the concert. Nothing but LJ. (and Pool Party Fun).

It's 2:20 am .. do you know where you sleep is? not here.

the digitized list:
  • (round out) stadium arcadium- RHCP
  • ocular spectacular- MGMT (slow on this one..not so much an electro fan though. And no, mgmt, I don't care that you call yourself 'easy listening' on your myspace)
  • b-sides-born ruffians
  • how we are EP- bombay bicycle club
Can't remember the rest...I had a list. No, two lists. But I lost them.

i keep thinkin' gawd, 'how gr8 it is 2 play a gee-taur'
(how to hang a warhol- [who but] Little Joy)

One Thing Leads to Another

You might remember the set list from the Born Ruffians' Brooklyn gig last month. I was hoping to find the solo work that Luke Lalonde played. And it was linked to me by non other than Luke himself:

I remember 'Pool Party Fun' well from the show...probably because I like the lyrics and the arrangement is very pretty.
So many people out there
So how did I get stuck here with you?
Where's my sword to slay?
Where are my rules to obey?
Show me.

Her hair was styled with fear
Her teeth were like [premier?].
And she really has no reason,
no reason at all
to be lonely.

I don't any want to play anymore,
Thank you.
Not here, not now,
maybe never again.

And it's hard when it hurts and you have to say it doesn't.
You don't have to say it doesn't.
And it sucks when you find someone but they don't find you.
Yeah, it sucks when you find someone, but they don't find you.
Why won't this feeling go away?

You can probably get a sense of the musical connotation from the lyrics.
I played this song quite a bit yesterday with the full Little Joy album..both definitely worth a listen.


Last Night: Little Joy

"Look! It's Fab from The STROOOOKES!"

This was pretty cool. My friend and I ended up waiting around for awhile waiting for them to show up but it was well worth it. They sound great live. The band played the typical in-store set of 7 or so songs. The album is actually very good, it's one of those you can listen to over and over without getting bored.

Get. This. Album. It's short and just quiet enough. Not much of a review, but I highly endorse it.


Side Project + Weddings + Pangea

BR Update: I really like the EP now (see last 2 posts). Surprise, surprise. Can't blame them for their genius arrangements.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Fab's (Strokes drummer) side project band Little Joy at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square. Same place and deal as Albert. Speaking of Albie, he's engaged to Agy Deyn. (Did you mean: albert hammond jr gay) Gotta love Google.

She was at his VM gig...arren't they cute with their matching shoes pants v necks short hair everythings?

And since when was Nikolai married to Regina Spektor? Hmm.


New Music: Pangea

They're really not well known at all (aka totally obsucre). Found them on myspace- BR top friend was a band called Hooded Fang and one of HF's top friends was Pangea.

They've got 4 solid songs that sound like home recordings. Wouldn't be surprised since they're unsigned. I've been trying to find MP3 files with no luck.
Pangea Myspace