One Thing Leads to Another

You might remember the set list from the Born Ruffians' Brooklyn gig last month. I was hoping to find the solo work that Luke Lalonde played. And it was linked to me by non other than Luke himself:

I remember 'Pool Party Fun' well from the show...probably because I like the lyrics and the arrangement is very pretty.
So many people out there
So how did I get stuck here with you?
Where's my sword to slay?
Where are my rules to obey?
Show me.

Her hair was styled with fear
Her teeth were like [premier?].
And she really has no reason,
no reason at all
to be lonely.

I don't any want to play anymore,
Thank you.
Not here, not now,
maybe never again.

And it's hard when it hurts and you have to say it doesn't.
You don't have to say it doesn't.
And it sucks when you find someone but they don't find you.
Yeah, it sucks when you find someone, but they don't find you.
Why won't this feeling go away?

You can probably get a sense of the musical connotation from the lyrics.
I played this song quite a bit yesterday with the full Little Joy album..both definitely worth a listen.


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