C-C-Can't REst Until I

i need itunes money
i refuse to steal music
i am better than a fucking pirate! arr!

Ooh well. Doesn't matter so soon to come into an obscene amount of iTunes money since I can't stop listening to Little Joy. It's almost been a week since the concert. Nothing but LJ. (and Pool Party Fun).

It's 2:20 am .. do you know where you sleep is? not here.

the digitized list:
  • (round out) stadium arcadium- RHCP
  • ocular spectacular- MGMT (slow on this one..not so much an electro fan though. And no, mgmt, I don't care that you call yourself 'easy listening' on your myspace)
  • b-sides-born ruffians
  • how we are EP- bombay bicycle club
Can't remember the rest...I had a list. No, two lists. But I lost them.

i keep thinkin' gawd, 'how gr8 it is 2 play a gee-taur'
(how to hang a warhol- [who but] Little Joy)

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