Video: Tim & Eric SNL Opening

Tim & Eric's response to SNL jipping their Tiny Hat bit is absolutely perfect.
Tune in this Sunday on Adult Swim.

Last Night: Sundelles / Oberhofer / The Soft Pack

Alright, I'm a bit rusty from not writing all that much, but here goes.
Believe it or not, I'd never actually been to Bowery Ballroom until last night. Turned out to be an amazingly beautiful venue - it's no surprise that people love it so much.

I came in during the middle of Sundelles' set. They're basically par for the course in terms of lo-fi garage, but with a bit of the beach rock everyone seems to be so into these days. I was one of the only people standing near the stage while they were playing, which probably prompted the huge high five I got from the lead singer at the end of the night.


The second band on the bill was Oberhofer, a Brooklyn based four piece fronted by Brad Oberhofer, a nineteen year old from Tacoma. They were great - definitely my favorite act of the night. Super pop-rock and rad guitar playing. Pretty much all of their recorded music is available for free, so get on that, because I can barley describe it in words. See them live, too - they're playing around New York and supporting the Morning Benders all over the country and in Canada as well.

The Soft Pack

Finally around 11:30 or so, The Soft Pack came on to a pretty full house of New Jersey boys and thirty year old men - not a single hipster to be seen! They did their thing pretty well with hardly any banter and it wasn't too loud. It wasn't super memorable either, and they didn't play an encore. They did play Mexico (which is my favorite song), but it sounded a bit weird. That was disappointing. I moved out of the bro-mosh-dance pit in the front to stand with friends on the side and still had a great view of the stage, though.

All and all it was a pretty fun night, but it was really Oberhofer that made it for me.
(Sorry Layne. I hope you still love me.)