Last Night: Born Ruffians

So last night I went to Brooklyn to see the Born Ruffian free in-store show at Soundfix in Greenpoint. It was the complete opposite of what I expected. For starters, they didn't have any backline except for Luke's guitar. They were playing a 21+ show after at the Bell House so I can understand why they didn't bother to set anything else up, though. They played a piano-tambourine accompanied version of Little Garçon, but there was no bass to play the hook. So the bassist hummed it. That was funny, to me at least. They played a cut off of 'Kurt Vonnegut' too. I wonder if anyone else in the room knew the words.

The singer/guitarist Luke played 3 songs on his own first. They're unavailable for download or listening, but I would love to hear them again sometime. Mostly sad love songs, but they sounded great nevertheless. Favorite line- it sucks when you find someone/but they don't find you.

Set List: Luke's 3 songs, a cover of a song called 'Sam Stone', a cut of 'Kurt Vonnegut' and parts of 'Little Garçon'.

I went up to speak to them after; they were really nice. I'm half Canadian (and they're fully Canadian!) and was wearing the shirt I got from the Rogers Picnic. Yeah. I didn't take any pictures of them playing, but I did get this one:

I'm looking deceptively young. Anyway,

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