Little Garçon + - EP

So I just downloaded the new Born Ruffians EP. It's ok. I know I'll really like it eventually, because they're one of those bands that really take time to get into. And their new stuff is even more raw than their raw-but-still-marketable LP
Red, Yellow and Blue that has come to be one of my favorite albums. (See? I can't be critical.) The EP has 'Little Garçon', two par for the course remixes, and three other songs- 'Ready for Bed', 'Coldness Hot' and 'Wedding Rings and Midnight Strollers'. The vocals on these three songs are are rougher sounding than the ones on the LP, and more voids that would be deemed musical interludes by any number of mainstream producers are filled with their signature hooting sounds.

The EP clocks in at 33 minutes, is 6 songs and is available on iTunes for $3.99.

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