Side Project + Weddings + Pangea

BR Update: I really like the EP now (see last 2 posts). Surprise, surprise. Can't blame them for their genius arrangements.

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Fab's (Strokes drummer) side project band Little Joy at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square. Same place and deal as Albert. Speaking of Albie, he's engaged to Agy Deyn. (Did you mean: albert hammond jr gay) Gotta love Google.

She was at his VM gig...arren't they cute with their matching shoes pants v necks short hair everythings?

And since when was Nikolai married to Regina Spektor? Hmm.


New Music: Pangea

They're really not well known at all (aka totally obsucre). Found them on myspace- BR top friend was a band called Hooded Fang and one of HF's top friends was Pangea.

They've got 4 solid songs that sound like home recordings. Wouldn't be surprised since they're unsigned. I've been trying to find MP3 files with no luck.
Pangea Myspace

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