Working Backwards

The Strokes are beginning to come back into the music world/my life. And I'm starting to think about them again. I've had but 3.5 music obsessions in my whole life. These being The Backstreet Boys, John Mayer, The Strokes (including side projects) and Born Ruffians (.5 - summerstage until now) Obviously there have been others but the aforementioned are ones that I've really loved, can name each member, ect. So I guess I'm working backwards with my favorites.

I found this NME special issue. The article about them was very good. And Vampire Weekend was featured too- they're going back into the studio early next year, just like The Strokes are.

Fab and Nikolai talk about 10 iconic Strokes tracks below..apparently Is This It was conjured from drunken recording sessions. I can't believe it!!

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