VMAs and MVAs (my video awards)

The MTV Video Music Awards Sucked! The best part of the whole thing was when 1000s upon 1000s of crazed Jonas Brother fans clad in neon American Appy v-necks rushed the stage on the backlot for some intense song about love and bugs. That was almost as funny as the acting on last night's finale of Secret Life (of the American Teenager) . Watch this. It's hilarious..I love it. Shawn Johnson! And then forward to an officer with the best name ever at 8:57.

You know who should have won a VMA? Kanye. I'm not really into the rap scene but I did see Kanye with Rhianna, Lupe Fiasco and NERD at MSG on May 13, 2008. I had a headache for days. That never happens. I don't get headaches.

Anyway all the embeded HTML thingies are disabled for the Kanye Vid.
Watch it here.
Do you realize that you are champion in their eyes?


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