Understanding the Quarter Hour

I was browsing The Strokes' forums the other day when a post came up about the underlying theme of 15 Minutes/the album First Impressions of Earth. Now, 15 happens to be among my least favorite Strokes songs, but it was interesting.

The poster suggested that it was a reference to Andy Warhol's famous quote: "In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

Being the Andy Fan that I am, realizing that this was probably true was awesome.

So anyway, poor Strokes and their backlash. But they had their 15 minutes for sure.

"This whole life, is it a dream? <--unreal amount of hype
I can't tell. I got up, <--next 2 lines: actual 15 minutes of fame
Then I waved,
Then I fell." <--Backlash

This part of the song is actually in the quicker, non-folksy part and the lines are very blunt sounding, paralleling how fast the whole hype to backlash process was.
I couldn't find a sound clip >:(
But there are cues to this theme throughout

<3 lyrics analysis <3

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