For all of you Strokes buffs, here's a version of You Only Live Once, with some "rare" lyrics. (it's actually just a mix between the final album cut and the softer piano-accompanied demo, I'll Try Anything Once)

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you can visit zamzar.com for a FLV (youtube format) to MP3 conversion.

In other Strokes news, Ripcord News (formerly isthisitx.com) predicted a mid 2010 release, but it's possible that the date would actually be earlier. It's hard to know, but Julian, the frontman, told Rolling Stone that there are already three songs written that sound like a blend of of 70s and futuristic styles. Thin Lizzy and Elvis Costello were cited. That's the gist, read the NME article here.


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Ornate Kate said...

Do i really have to tell you how much i think you are awesome rite now? I think you know... <3 STROKES what would i do with out you i think auburn and cappie should chill with the strokes very soon.