Had and Sappy

VIRGIN MEGASTORE is closing. This is a personal attack on me! I met/saw Albert Hammond Jr. and Little Joy there. And Agyness Deyn. I wore the hazard orange plastic wristband for like six months after the AHJ show. It cannot be true! Wahh.


Other than that I watched the Jonas Brother sitcom thing on TV. Obnoxiously bad. Can't wait to do a video remix of the song they preformed on the first episode (Flight of the Conchords style.) Other things they knocked off include The Monkees' TV show and a few other pop culture references their target audience wouldn't even begin to understand: ex, Nick Jonas' love interest Penny was playing a gig at CBDBs. Yes, CBDB. I kid you not. Someone, anyone, punch a writer. Cue weird supplementary JB pic...

not too bad for the 3rd google image result.

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