Seen/Heard: a new upop gimmick regarding music news.

1. Graham Wright's 'The Lakes of Alberta'
The keyboardist of Tokyo Police Club released an EP for free last year. I finally downloaded it and quite enjoyed it. Not like Tokyo Police Club at all. Almost the opposite. It's kind of like a poppier sounding Conor Oberst playing at a campfire. Maybe. See for yourself...
free download here. (do it! what have you got to loose?)

2. Discovery
Another keyboardist side project - Vampire Weekend's Rostam with Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles together for some synth in a band called Discovery. The group disappeared for awhile and remains rather mysterious, but an EP will be released this year.

3. Wizard Taze. Wait, what?
Yes, it's true. A completely chill/naked wizard (below) was tazed at Coachella. "[Coachella City] cops, they ain't too smart.." Poor wizzy.
I. Just. Can't. Embed. Too. Awkard.
Click. To. Watch.

4. Tinted Windows, supergroup.
Taylor Hanson is now a cute/mild rockstar, playing with members of Smashing Pumpkins, Fountains of Wayne and Cheap Trick in a band called Tinted Windows. How? When? Last time I looked he was playing the keys in Hanson and had longer hair than a Barbie. Anyway Tinted Windows seems like a name band thing only, they're surpristingly generic.

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