daily Dose / everyone...

everyone watch Late Night with Conan tonight!
11:30 pm
Gold Coast time

It's only the fourth time the Tonight Show has changed hands.
This is a big TV event! He was great on Late Night and could sure use the plug for the earlier set.

everyone buy Nylon June/July 2009!
music issue!! <333
Look for 8 Legs + White Lies.
Circle gets the square. (ie. Karen O. got the cover)
yeah yeah yeah...

everyone watch Nirvana the Band the Show!
From Toronto. They're hilarious! New episode tomorrow.


everyone listen:
Animal Collective

buy Sung Tongs.
buy Strawberry Jam.
buy Merriweather Post Pavillion.
this band trains you to listen to anything.
It doesn't get weirder or better than this!

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