Did anyone see V-For-Vendetta?
It was realist-scary.
Real scary.

Remember the time Natalie Portman shaved her head in that same movie?
Remember how it kinda started a cult around her baldness?

Band names were apparently no exception.

Pictured above, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head,
(aka NPSH) an electro-pop/rock outfit from Seattle.

They sound like Hail Social & The Virgins, with a little bit of Lonely Island-esque joking lyrics mixed into some of the tracks. They're on a big big big mostly 18/21+ summer tour right now. If you can stand the hipsters, check them out!



parkereloise said...

AH I LOVEE NPSHHH!!! for real
and v for vendetta is like my favorite movie ever..
like anything having to do with like
the crazy future
i love
i love love love
me and ur daughter by NPSH
and like everyting
they rule
and have an awesome anme

DEV. said...

V For Vendetta was pretty odd, no lie. Haha, but I love your blog!