Last Night: PHOENIX !!


Going to keep this personal & short:
  • We were up against the front barrier. Four feet from the stage.
  • Opening act Amazing Baby was ironically terrible.
  • During the Phoenix set Thomas Mars (lead vocals) jumped into the crowd to dance with us
  • He invited everyone on the stage but the security guys wouldn't let us go ("THE STAGE IS YOUR'S! THE STAGE IS YOUR'S! COME ON! LET THEM UP!")
  • I caught a drumstick! I was with 3 friends, we're doing a 'sisterhood of the traveling drumstick.'
  • My friend and I touched Thomas when he came in front of us in the press pit to get into the crowd (haha..everyone was going nuts)
  • During Love Like a Sunset Pt. 1 instrumental Thomas laid down leaning on a monitor like a pillow. Pictures below:

My love for this band has tripled. Easily the best show I've ever been to.
They played Letterman last night+were four feet in front of me a few hours ago.

Very much looking forward to the next one..see them play if you can!!


Anonymous said...

OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG AHH i'm glad you thought it was goood because me and a friend are going to a concert of theirs on the 23rdd! ahhh! i am so excited you don't even know. lovely pictures too! dancing with thomas?!!! omfg i am so freaking happy now. lol. i can't waaaait! :) thanks for the awesome review. xo

parkereloise said...

hahah sisterhood of the traveling drumstick ;)
this is for sure awesomee!!
sounds like a great time
and great pictures

Maura said...

wow that's realllly cool!

Jodie said...

They are so awesome aye! I really loved it too, you have absolutely great photos! i was wondering where he went in love like a sunset.
i wish they played countdown!
how can i get tix to their central park gig now?!? it feels frivolous to buy tix to the same band but as you say my amour for them has defos ballooned since last night!!!