I Love Albert Hammond Jr.

Solo albums. PSH! Who cares? I do. Look at this guy. He has cool hair and a leather jacket. Sure, he probably already has a black lung. Maybe two. But I have been snapping up all of the information I can get about his second solo album, Como Te Llama. It's coming out July 8th.

The single GfC is pretty good. Personally, I enjoy scratchy indie.
But, uh, most top 40s have been attacked by rap and pop. And Jonas Brothers.

Now the only problem I have is the potential of the concert (At Hiro? At Bowery? At Hammerstein?) being 18+. I would be so sad! More than sad. It would suck a lot. All of the other band members from Ze Strokes would probably be at the concert too. Anyway, they haven't released the tour dates yet even though his myspace says that 'there is touring being penciled in for the summer until the end of the year'. Hope for the best? Well, when he finishes up the tour maybe The Strokes will be back at it for the fourth album; as hinted by Nikolai on the band's website. That'll be nice.

Albert's Myspace


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