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Tokyo Police Club. Good music. KUTE. Canadian. Win-Win-Win situation. I remember I was going to see them sometime last year (maybe it was the beginning of this year) and I was like, "oh, I know them, Their English is Good" because I had downloaded the single when it came out in 2007. Ended up seeing them at Rogers Picnic anyway.

Since I have acquired the rest of their catalog, which includes 2 short EPs - A Lesson in Crime and Smith. Get both of these and BLAST them when you are alone. The band took some heat for the length, but I like short songs/albums/EPs.

Their first LP Elephant Shell is really good. Super cohesive. Like the most cohesive album I've ever heard. That I can remember. And I'm a sucker for cohesiveness. . . I'm not being sarcastic , the album is a 28 minute song. The album has a central theme of youth/growing up/aging/dying - circle of life kinda deal.

If you download singles, don't bother with Tessellate. For some reason the general consensus is negative, even though it's not a bad song per say. Personally I don't think it's a good representation of the band/album.

Tracks of Note:
1. Centennial. The album opener, good arrangement, cute meaning.
2. Juno
3. Sixties Remake
4. Nursery, Academy. This is a well crafted song. There is the best 1 second cold open I've ever heard that doubles as an innitial hook, making it very a likable song.
5. The Baskervilles. Album closer, I just like this one for some reason.

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