If U Seek Lowbrow Pop Culture

Ugh that 'If U Seek Amy' Brittney Spears video. Ugh.
My friends brought the video up today, & I'd never heard the song before.

In any event, who is writing her these singles that are based around a wordplay of 'fuck me'?!
What's Brit's demographic this time around? 12 year olds? Apparently some Spears-revival 17 year olds too. The video was nothing short of graphic and the lyrics are overtly obscene. The brow is low. Very low.

If you or someone you know has sought Amy, I suggest these detox songs:

Guys Eyes - Animal Collective
Click Click Click Click - Bishop Allen (adorable video!!)
Little Garรงon - Born Ruffians (attached a pro-taped live version)


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parkereloise said...

haha i went to her concert!