'White Sky' on Jimmy

Patagonia jacket!! (Ezra is wearing one! haha)
I've seen them play this song live a few times -
this is unparalleled for the quietest and most serious version.
Have they done a lot of taped TV performances? Besides SNL?
They seem nervous.
Ezra at the end is like..
"Jimmy, everyone already has the record. Don't touch me."

At least we have a 4th quarter record coming!
Maybe they could get it out if they stopped touring for once.

They need to get in the studio.
Good chance they'll avoid most of the backlash since they're not rushing it but there's going to be some. A lot of their fans are loyal though.


parkereloise said...

haha this is irrelevent
but idk why you said patagonia jacket
i wentto a patagonia store today haha
and got unneccecary wilderness supplies with my dad
whell i love vampy andj fallon and this new song

Ornate Kate said...

Like seriously wtf wwas ezra's problem? if jimmy went out to hug me i would hump his ass! haha. So patagoinia? and they should release it asap. and i wanna also hump chris the drummer. i wanna be mrs. kate tomson rite now! omg his scruff was so sexy! and that song is great. ezra hit some notes! love your posts. <3 love vw and jim