Late Night Vampires

The Vamps on Jimmy Tonight !
They're playing 'White Sky'
12:37 am, NY time.

( Don't they look so 'first day of school' in this picture? )

'White Sky' @ Terminal 5, I was there!


Ornate Kate said...

OMG YOU ARE SO COOL!!! OH SHYT I WOULD SHYT MY PANTS!!!! omg i luv you. and VW!!

Anonymous said...

AHH I AM SOO EXCITED! :D and i really really really wanna go to one of their concerts! i was driving around and vw was cranked in my car, of course! and i thought of you! haha.

Ornate Kate said...

omg chris tomson is so sexy that i keep seeing your blog post and drooling. i love htat pic of him so much that is one fine ass man! thanks for the post dearest julia