***FABRIZIO's band Little Joy (also consisting of Rodrigo Amarante and Binki Shapiro) is mapping out plans to do another tour of the U.S., after just returning from Europe and Brazil earlier this year. the band will be touring without Fabrizio this time around, however, as he'll be busy with The Strokes and their aforementioned rehearsal sessions back in NYC. But Rodrigo and Binki will be soldiering forward with Little Joy while Fab takes care of his business back in NYC.... though you never can be sure when Fabrizio might make a "cameo appearance" on the road with the band.

'Fab Cameos' (Fameos?) in New York, he'll be here working.
Maybe LA too...

This day keeps getting better + better.

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Anonymous said...

little joy! how i love them. saw them in january, it was the sweetest little concert ever.