Last Night: Phoenix + Passion Pit!

Phoenix capped off another killer set last night in Central Park.
Absolutley fantastic...their shows are addicting.

But this was was a pretty different gig. I snuck my SLR and telephoto lens into the park, so the pictures were a lot better and closer (the gap between the stage and crowd is bigger at outdoor shows). Most were fuzzy albeit the ISO 1600 setting.
Ok ok..before this turns into a photography blog:

Passion Pit.
They sound so much better recorded, simply because their music depends so much on elaborate studio enhancements and perfect sounding synth. But they did their job warming up the crowd and had great energy.

Then, Phoenix! A long set, huge amounts of energy. They never missed a beat or lost momentum. Frontman Thomas Mars still jumps into the crowd, comes to the very edge of the stage and climbs amps which makes for a sort of interactive and interesting experience. As for the others, they never stop moving (which makes for a difficult photography event)
Nevertheless they might be one of the best live indie pop bands out there.

I'm really proud of this one.

The first part of the encore was just Christian Mazzalai (lead guitar) and Thomas for an acoustic/unplugged 2 song set, including a slow version that the crowd sang along to of Everything is Everything and Playground Love (!) The song they scored for Sofia Coppola's film The Virgin Suicides. I captured a little bit of it, video below:

And then the full group finale (If I Ever Feel Better & 1901)
Literally everyone in the band was climbing on a monitor or an amp!

So much fun. It was an awesome night.
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