Last Night: MTV VMA Party + Lifebeat - Kid Cudi & Phoenix

Yesterday Phoenix offered a half price ticket for their appearance at Terminal 5 for the MTV VMAs kick-off party / Lifebeat (Music industry against HIV/AIDS charity) benefit show / Beatles Rock Band plug event. The whole thing was documented on film and video.
Kid Cudi opened for a wild crowd:

You're looking at the rapper who intentionally puts feedback on his vocals.
The performance was alright, he was pretty good but really nothing more than an 'average' rapper- however, I'm not sure if I'm the most qualified to judge, since I'm really not a hip hop/rap fan at all.

Then Phoenix took the stage for a very short set (Kid Cudi ran over and they had to stop at midnight). Apologies for the repeat/poor pictures, as I was standing in pretty much the exact same place as their show at the same venue in June, it was darker than usual, and the band's got their show down to a science. They must be bored of their catalog after circling most of the world twice this year. Nevertheless, it was a great set and a lot of fun.

There was no bag check, so it was a little frustrating that there could have been some nicer SLR pictures, but stay tuned, because I've got tickets for one of their two Central Park shows and they allow larger cameras.

More Phoenix things: the drumstick from the June show and Mazzalai's guitar pick from last night! Now if only there was a setlist..

Creepy Empire State lights on the low clouds heading home.


Catch them play Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on September 24.

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