Last Night: Vampire Weekend

On Sunday I went to see Vampire Weekend play at the United Palace Theater, a beautiful old restored movie theater, which is located under the George Washington Bridge (well, almost). Thankfully, the show that these preppy local heroes put on was well worth the long trip on the A train. Unfortunately, it was a seated gig, so I didn't have much control over my spot in the theater. The picture above is just a plain point and shoot shot, not sure why it's as fuzzy as it is. Taking pictures just wouldn't have been worth it. If you'd like to see some professional photos, head over to BKV.

They played every song in their discography, with the exception of Bryn from the s/t and I Think UR a Contra. Their first New York show was a lot of fun, they played really well for the young crowd and it was apparent that everyone in the theater was all for them.

(the band coined it as their longest show ever!)

White Sky
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa
I Stand Corrected
M79 (strings)
California English
Taxi Cab
One (Blake's Got a New Face)
The Kids Don't Stand a Chance (strings)
Diplomat's Son (strings)
Giving Up the Gun
Campus / Oxford Comma

Horchata (strings)
Ottoman (strings)
Mansard Roof

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