I'm Blogging in Fake Ray Bans

I don't like Passion Pit or Glasvegas. I've known about both bands for awhile and they both are making everyone's "Big in 09" lists. Maybe I will appreciate them more later this year if someone gives me their torrents. But since I'm hardcore iTunes doesn't look like that's happening.

In other news I finally downloaded the LP Surfing by Megapuss, another Fab (from The Strokes and Little Joy) band. It's pretty good, but after a certain point it's hard to tell the songs apart. The beginning is very fun but the songs become slow and similar for the majority. So if you're going to download on track-by-track, get these:

Crop Circle Jerk '94
Duck People Duck Man
To Love Within
Adam & Steve
Theme from Hollywood
(if you want just one track, get this one!)
Lavender Blimp

Above, the video for Adam & Steve. Styled like M83, with the skeleton guys and costuming. Fab is the only one who's dressed normally. I think I laughed all the way through this. Nick Valensi's in there too soloing on the car - I don't think he's cut his hair in years! Binki from LJ also makes an appearance.

Speaking of LJ, here's the retro video for No One's Better Sake, a great cut off their album. Nick and Devandra are in the video as well.

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Britt said...

(I'm TheStrokes from Polyvore by the way). You're right about the Megapuss album, some songs are a bit strange. I like your list, but you forgot the most important one! Hamman! haha. I love that one. And I don't like Glasvegas either, and that guy anoys me with his haircut and sunglasses.