Strokes Day

I saw Julian on a TV commercial last night in the weird converse video. You know, that collaboration he did with a couple of rap artists for the 100th anniversary of the shoes?

So I go and check out the band's website. Here's what I found paraphrased: Question: when are The Strokes coming back? Answer: the guys are set to get back to it early 2009. Of course I knew about this since early July, I just never blogged about it. I was spending all my time chasing Albert. Anyway! This is exciting. I'm not going to even bother speculating when it's going to come out. They're really serious about mixing and remixing which adds a lot of time onto the process.

The website also listed solo projects for everyone else except for Nick. Fab has an album collaboration, Nikolai has an album under the name 'Nickel Eye'. Both are coming out in the fall.

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