Saving the Best AHJ Post for Last !

I spent sun up to sun down in and around Union Square yesterday. And it was totally worth it because the picture of Albert above isn't zoomed in!! The whole band was so good, and the venue was so small. Something about artists in their's just better, you know? More authentic. It feels very real. Especially because Albert is pretty much starting from square one in terms of how many people know him. And you could really tell everyone there was under the impression that they indeed were The Strokes' #1 fan. Hipster fest really. I saw Albert mouth to another guitarist that he had a headache and promptly ended the 7 song set. But he came back on (all the lights were way up like it was over) and played Miss Myrtle from Como Te Llama?.

In addition, I gained a several of things from this awesome night..

1. an autographed cd that had 10 free vid downloads of last year's Albert concert and a sticker of the band
2. promotional vinyl
3. a tame mosh pit experience
4. a pic with Albert
5. seeing Agyness Deyn
6. Met all the guys from The Postelles who were giving out little fliers for their concert at Knitting + a cue to download their music which is actually pretty good. I'll probably go see them. I think they were there because Albert produced some song of theirs. I don't know for sure. The Postelles' myspace here.
7. a seriously orange neon wristband that I have yet to take off.

Last Albert post prolly :(
Nothing more to write! For now at least.

A vid I took at the show- one of my initial favorites from the new album.
'Victory at Monterey'

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