Are You There?

There are a thousand ways to begin a post about Joaquin Phoenix these days. Just look at him. Just look at how he's been for awhile now. He's out of it, constantly disheveled and, well, not here.
Or maybe it's all an ongoing, mystifying and bizarre publicity stunt.

Just as a side note, what a gorgeous poster. The color scheme, which looks like it was inspired by Joaquin's signature ombre shades, is ironically soft and very pretty. Additionally, this really solidifies all-caps, italic Georgia as a current typography trend.

Anyway. Sometime last year, Joaquin's brother-in-law (and one of my absolute favorite people) Casey Affleck began to follow him around with a documentary crew. At the time, this came off as another plea for attention; a joke. And then they both dropped off the radar. Until now.

The film, which is Casey's directorial debut, is slated for September 10th.

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