VIDEO: MGMT - "Flash Delirium" + Crit

I admit that I'm really not that much of an MGMT fan, but their video for Flash Delirium is fascinating.

This band is a textbook example of the indie-rock rise to success.
Here's my analysis of the clip I wrote earlier today. A bit of knowledge about MGMT's history is necessary though, and there are a couple of holes in the theory.

Their sophomore LP leaked and is streaming now, physical discs will be out April 13th.
Onto the analysis:

Okay, I got the fact that they’re hiding the ‘Electric Feel’, despite that it is an inherent part of them (their discography). They’ve said they thought the first album was painfully ironic or some bit, so that makes sense. The big house/pomp shit is most likely a symbol of their financial success and how they’re uncomfortable with it - might even be a poke at the decline of ‘big label culture’, especially since they’re signed to Columbia.

So when things get a little kooky at the house (ventriloquists are a symbol of subculture here), Andrew continues to essentially block out their past - looks like it was his idea to do so (his neck is covered up much better than Ben’s at the beginning). However, Ben gets all comfy again, as the band itself is kinda strange and subcultural success is in the group’s roots. The label then rips the first album out of him and he collapses. (??) Then the eel (Electric Feel) goes into the iron lung (necessary for singin’ songs & whatnot), turns into a person (?) during a literal flash delirium and the video ends - symbolic of Congratulations undetermined success.

Also, if you have a look at the lyrics after reading this, they make perfect sense.

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