Short Review: Yarn Owl - "Tiny Dots"

I'm definitely overdue to give these Washington State nature-rockers a couple of nice words on their recent release Tiny Dots.

The seven song album is a mix of older and newer tunes. It's been just about a year since I first stumbled on their myspace page, so the new songs (Stay in Tune with the Moon, Without You...) are a lot tighter than some of the older cuts, like Rubix Cube. Mind you, a first time listener probably wouldn't get this out of it, but the combination of older, charming recordings and the new crisper ones definitely makes for a nice compilation.

All and all it's perfectly crafted pop in its simplest form.

[upop+] Interview I did with Yarn Owl here
[official] myspace / website
[mp3] Their label LNA said I could offer a few tracks off of "Tiny Dots". email me.

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Yarn Owl said...

thanks for writing about us. wanted to give you an update. we are working on a full length record set to release this summer. stay tuned at

hope all is well