VIDEO: John Mayer - "Who Says" + Personal

Once upon a time in the early part of this decade, I was a die-hard John Mayer fan. Then I started listening to The Strokes.

And now with the news of Battle Studies, JM's first album since Continuum in 2006, I've dug up all of the CDs that comprise his back catalog and had quite a trip.
He's probably the guitarist of this generation.
However, this doesn't really come through on this new single Who Says. First of all, he knocked off his own song Stop This Train on the opening riff and the lyrics are underwhelming and topical (pretty much emotionless) compared to his older work. No doubt it'll sell, and the fiscal prospects are probably the reason why he went back to the studio, but it seems like a step backward.

Let's give Battle Studies a chance anyway.
It's slated for November 17.

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