Last Night: Meligrove Band, The Acorn and Born Ruffians (Toronto)

I've made no attempts on this page to hide the fact that Born Ruffians are one of my absolute favorite bands, so it was incredibly coincidental and lucky that one of their concerts would fall right in the middle of this past weekend's long standing plans to travel to their hometown of Toronto for family and school visits.

The band coins the show as one of their best, and I would have to agree. They played for a very enthusiastic (ok, crazy mosh pitting) crowd of all-agers last Satuday, September 19 at the Opera House.

Meligrove Band opened, they were unremarkable.
The venue confiscated my SLR, which would explain the noisy/terrible shots:

Second on the bill, The Acorn. I highly recommend these guys, they really stole the show for the first part of the night. They sound a lot like a poppier and more accessible version of Akron/Family and a little bit like Fruit Bats. Great live performers, really humble guys. They seemed genuinely surprised that people were getting into their set!

They stung lights across the stage.

And finally, Born Ruffians! This was the 6th show I've seen them play, and like all the others, unsuccessful pictures but really a lot of fun. This was also the first full-on set I've seen them headline, and there's really a noticeable difference from their opening slot performances (they were all great, but the home town enthusiasm makes the difference here).

These guys need to stop being so humble about their achievements!
They really deserve all they've worked up to so far.
innovation + fantastic live shows = success.
It's just that simple.

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