Relevant West Village Adventures (a weblog)

Yesterday I got lost in the West Village en route from a really cool restaurant called Cafeteria (7th ave at 17th) to the Marc Jacobs store. It's really not a difficult walk at all. I'm just not a West Village person. You just go south on 7th and walk west at 11th until you hit the MJ store. The person I was with (who shall remain nameless) wanted to walk a different way. Then got us lost.

Anyway we eventually got up to MJ. But we passed the Christopher Street train station beforehand, which was like five blocks south of destination. Ha ha.

Didn't end up buying anything (soo hard) but it was cool just to look at all the inexpensive stuff nobody really needs. The best part is that Mr. Marc had Swimming, the most recent album from French Kicks spinning in his stores! They've been mentioned here before, and I just thought it was really cool to hear them.

Then we ate Magnolia cupcakes in the little park across from MJ. So good! We were wired and walked back to the Forever 21 in Union Square to shop. It was like...10 pm or so. On the way we saw the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck (fancy, really good ice cream) on, uh, University and 11th maybe. Yum. We had to stop! Then we walked east on 12th to look in the window of the record shop I've been dying to get to.

This is all random and stuff. But I just thought it was a fun night. Haha. I know nobody reads this, but does anyone have a getting-lost-in-your-hometown story to share?


Ornate Kate said...

i love to hear stories like these! sounds like a good time jules miss ya talk soon? keep these comin~ love the blog<3 kate

parkereloise said...

hhahaha that sounds so fun
me and my friend got ost going from christopher st. to the mj store haha so funny we were walking in circles and getting stared at but i bought a bunch of pointless shit
haha sounds fun i love that forever 21 its really the nicest forever ive ever been to.

haha not getting lost but today i got stranded on a jet ski that decided to flash warning lights in an area that said warning submerged high voltage cabel. fun times,