All Points West - Saturday

Super muddy.
Super humid.
At least it didn't rain!

The Postelles were playing in the Queen of the Valley stage/tent right near the entrance as I arrived (late). Caught a few songs..they're finished recording!

Arctic Monkeys on the Blue Comet Stage. This was a muddy and crazy packed set. It was really hot, people were tossing around mud covered beach balls and the stage was so far away with a photo and VIP pits built in front of the barrier.
But the set was pretty good. They played all of their singles and were chatting it up.

Terrible pictures & sight lines ensue..AND Alex Turner's moppy haircut is not cute anymore :(

I headed back over to the Queen of the Valley stage after to wait it out for Tokyo Police Club.
Stopped on the way to watch St. Vincent from afar for a little bit, she sounded really great (didn't get pictures though)

In the tent, The Honey Brothers were on the stage playing their last song for a very small crowd. They seemed like really nice guys. The drummer looked like Vince from Entourage. (edit: it actually WAS Vince from Entourage!!)

Next, Chairlift took the stage 20 minutes late (you know, the iPod commercial band- I tired to do handstands for you, every time I fell on you..) The dummer/bassist looked like Casey Affleck! It was shaping up to be quite a celebrity-look-alike day.
I have to say, this band is really cute. But they really had to turn down their bass/bass drum/synth. Everybody was covering their ears. The whole tent was shaking. It was unbearable for a few songs.

Then, Tokyo Police Club! This was the third set that I had seen them play and definitely the best one. During Honey Brothers I had gotten a spot in the front. So worth standing through Chairlift for TPC. Got a few good pictures this time.

After the TPC set I went to talk to Graham (keys), Josh (guitar) and Greg (drums) once they finished load-out. No Dave (vocals/bass) though. They were so friendly. Chatted with Graham for a few minutes about solo projects and TPC recording. But I forgot to ask about NOVELS!! (That's the solo EP with Luke from the Born Ruffians and a couple other Canadian indie guys that recorded it over 24 hours.) Grr.

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Ornate Kate said...

omg i am jealous! i wanted to go to see vampy but no go im still in ga. sounds like a good time!