Give Me Your Tots (or a sentence)

Interesting picture of Born Ruffians, ca. summer 2007.
Channeling Napoleon Dynamite?
Grabbed it from their Facebook group, so credits go out to Jesse L...

Anyway, it's just about 2am, but some veryy exciting B.R. news rolled in yesterday/today via their website, written by Mitch the bassist:

Starting as soon as next week, you guys (and girls) will see some sort of post about just what we're up to (hopefully a few times a week). Well, what we're up to is writing a new album, but it should be more in-depth than that.

Actually, to be fair I don't know how in-depth it'll be, it could be a sentence, a whole story, or just a picture, but it'll be something. And maybe it'll even be interesting (here's hoping)!


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