Gig: Born Ruffians + Franz Ferdinand

The gig was eight days ago, last Thursday- May 7, 2009. And it was incredible. Born Ruffians opened with the most interesting set they've played in New York thus far. It was essentially seamless, they seldom talked compared to the last gig with Tokyo Police Club & Harlem Shakes in February (but those bands are their friends, and everyone knew the BR at that one). Anyway they seemed a bit sad last week. Steve the drummer still wasn't there, but his replacement Sinkane was great and there was another bassist/keyboardist with them. No new tracks but they did play an amazing modified version of their full-length album opener Red, Yellow & Blue, as well as I'm One of Those Girls from the EP, which was a great surprise.

During the Franz set whilst staking out the VIP entrance I saw the bassist from the Born Ruffians (Mitch), but in the style of a romantic comedy commercial, a crowd passed in front and he disappeared.

So the pictures were terrible. The ISO was messed up.
But don't worry! The next gig's pictures are going to be way better.
'artsy' would be the keyword here. I guess.

(With Franz Ferdinand in Toronto)

Ok so Franz Ferdinand played a solid set. Great energy, they totally got all of their insanely tall+wide New Jersey fans going. So much that we left the floor ten minutes in to their hour set, where my friend and I got 'lower' VIP'd and went to the upper balcony. We didn't see any of the bands or famous people, there was another VIP place for them. But it was still fun and there was a great view of the stage and crowd.

Didn't end up at the afterpary,
but it might have been fun.

Jr. Boys are another Toronto Band..
same mgmt as Born Ruffians.


Maura said...

the third picture is actually really cool :D

Omara said...

Hey whats the name of the replacment drummer? He's REALLY good!

Your Friend Jiffy said...

Ahmed Gallab from Sinkane!
He was with them on their winter tour with Tokyo Police Club as well.

Did you catch a gig from their Franz tour? Best sets they've played.