What People Do

Unreleased Born Ruffians track that I am 100% confused by, searching for the MP3, liking it and not knowing why.
It sounds like it could fit on John Mayer's 'Continuum' at the very beginning.
And then The Strokes throughout...strong rhythm guitar.
Automatic Stop-y riff somewhere in there.

This is probably ca. 2005 when they were writing their EP.
It doesn't seem like their style anyway.

This is something real
for those who cannot feel
or hear

or fear
or even be near
let's make this a big deal.

I miss them already
and I didn't see their encore with TPC >:(

'First Aid Kit'
just co-written. unreleased, unrecorded

want the mp3?
copy this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEBM36NAe4o & click here

she stays in, grounded down on med-i-cine.


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Eva said...

Hey I like your blog. I saw TPC & Born Ruffians the other week in Canada (outdoor show was amazing). I wasn't that familiar with B.R., but I am now- glad I saw them.
Met TPC after- they're super nice.